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I’m Katija Buslje Odoemelam

I, Katija Bušlje, am the creative force behind REGO Ceramics, embodying a unique blend of talent and passion. My artistic journey began with a deep exploration of sculpture during my university years in Zagreb, where I refined my skills and techniques. After completing my Master’s Degree studies in Sculpture at the Akademija Likovnih Umjetnosti Zagreb, I then returned to my beloved Dubrovnik and established my ceramic venture in 2020. Specializing in meticulously crafted handmade ceramics, I have transformed my workshop into a vibrant hub of creativity, where my exquisite creations come to life. My profound love for my craft is evident in every piece I create, reflecting my deep connection to my hometown. Amidst a sea of ordinary souvenirs, my work stands out as a beacon of artistic excellence, showcasing my unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.


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