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Handle with Love, Our Ceramics are Delicate

Hand Wash Only

Due to the delicate nature of REGO KERAMIKA ceramics, it’s crucial to avoid using a dishwasher. Instead, gently hand wash each piece individually using mild dish soap and warm water.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Refrain from using harsh or abrasive cleaners, as they can scratch or damage the surface of the ceramics. Opt for gentle cleaning solutions and soft-bristled brushes

Handle with Care

When washing and handling REGO KERAMIKA ceramics, treat them with care to prevent accidental bumps or knocks. Avoid stacking multiple pieces together, as this can increase the risk of chipping or breakage.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Protect REGO KERAMIKA ceramics from extreme temperatures, as sudden changes in temperature can cause them to crack or break. Avoid placing hot ceramics directly onto cold surfaces and vice versa.

Safe and Sound

 All the pretty colors and shiny finishes on our ceramics don’t have any yucky lead in them, and they’re totally safe for eating off of. So, feel free to enjoy your meals without worrying!
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